Wings of war - World War Two

A sullen Wednesday evening saw an impromptu Wings of War game against a secret wargaming friend. The RAF clashed with the Luftwaffe during the so-called 'Phoney War' somewhere over the Franco-German border.

RAF Hurricanes race toward two German BF109 fighters

My good friend was the RAF commander, and I was the Luftwaffe commander. Both sets of fighters raced toward each other at top speed, the RAF firing first, but extremely wary of the close range firepower of their opponents.

Luftwaffe BF109's - these planes have awesome close range fire power, and their turning circle is better than the hurricane - I was confident of an easy victory.

We used some house altitude rules, and the full gambit of damage rules. I think this made the game quite a tactical battle (although the house altitude rules need tweaking), but the RAF ended up temporarily damaging the rudder of one Bf109, and later injuring the pilot of that same aircraft.

The lead German aircraft suffered a barrage of damage, and the pilot eventually ejected and was captured by a French army patrol two hours later, hiding in a local brothel.

The RAF suffered one plane destroyed, after puncturing the fuel tank, and exploding - mid air, following a glancing collision on the tail fin of a Bf109 in a close fly past.

The other hurricane, survived but had a damaged engine, and had to ditch in a field to the south of the French town of Sedan, after it gave up the ghost

The pilot was back at his base in time for some snorkers for tea. This pilot was known in the squadron as Harry 'snorkers' Lee for good reason.....

A good evening, and a British technical victory.


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