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Wings of war - smoke and flame markers

I purchased some smoke and flame markers for my Wings of War (now Wings of Glory) models last week. I like them. American Wildcat pursues damaged Japanese Val dive bomberYou can have the two markers on separately, and they can be found if you click here The smoke marker on its own A Belgium Hurricane in trouble during the German invasion of the low countries, May 1940 They are sturdy and made from tough plastic, slotting over your altitude peg, so very easy to put on and take off.

Obviously I only intend them to be used by my Secret Wargaming Friend........................

Wings of war - World War Two

A sullen Wednesday evening saw an impromptu Wings of War game against a secret wargaming friend. The RAF clashed with the Luftwaffe during the so-called 'Phoney War' somewhere over the Franco-German border. RAF Hurricanes race toward two German BF109 fightersMy good friend was the RAF commander, and I was the Luftwaffe commander. Both sets of fighters raced toward each other at top speed, the RAF firing first, but extremely wary of the close range firepower of their opponents. Luftwaffe BF109's - these planes have awesome close range fire power, and their turning circle is better than the hurricane - I was confident of an easy victory.We used some house altitude rules, and the full gambit of damage rules. I think this made the game quite a tactical battle (although the house altitude rules need tweaking), but the RAF ended up temporarily damaging the rudder of one Bf109, and later injuring the pilot of that same aircraft.

The lead German aircraft suffered a barrage of damage…

Strategy gaming

Sometimes my secret wargaming friend is not able to wargame, this may be for a number of reasons, he is washing his hair, baking, or just grumpy because the game is in 15mm and not his beloved 28mm (Like a smoker who has quit - he cannot bear to face his old flame).

So what is a war-gamer to do?

Luckily, I have a PC and some games that I find very similar to tabletop gaming, and some combat simulations. I took the liberty of capturing some footage of my games and putting them together in this homemade movie.

My Secret Wargaming Friend - makes stuff

My Secret Wargaming friend is an excellent painter, and model maker. I am quite jealous over his abundant skills. If only he could match this to some Generalship on the wargames table - he would then have it all...... His latest production.....note Charlotte, the little spider and her web in the top right corner of the shed. Wilbur is the one on the far left, just behind the shed.

This will look excellent on his Western wargames table.

World War 2 and Wings of war

My favourite period is World War 2, it always has been, and I think always will be. My secret wargaming friend (SWF - to those who know him), and I, if I say so myself, have a fantastic WW2 15mm collection of the stuff. We could run a very good early war campaign between us.

Anyway, I have always fancied a game of Wings of War, prior to the land battle, to establish who, if anybody, had air supremacy for the game, or modelling a pre-game strike on some valuable target etc, etc (you get my drift?).

Wings of War 1/200 scale JU87 JU87 escorted by a deadly ME109 The RAF speed to intercept - 2 hurricanes, I swear Douglas Bader is the pilot in the lead airplane? French Dewoitine D520's - fortunately for the Luftwaffe, France only had two squadrons of these available Legendary Spitfires. The RAF and Prime Minister kept them for home defence......I am tempted to put two linked battles on for my SWF, and MG - first an air battle, one evening, followed by a land battle.....................Now whe…