A New Year review of my collection Part 1

I have been thinking of whether or not I should start moving into 15mm ACW. However, before I did, I decided to review my wargames collection. I was surprised by how much stuff I had, and when I add this to the collection of 15mm stuff my Secret Wargaming friend has, it soon put me back on the strait and narrow..........

General Custer leads a company of his famous 7th cavalry on the hunt for an Indian village

On sighting the village, the company is ordered to dismount and form a skirmish line

The Indian village, just women and children and no braves, where could they be?

The braves are off hunting buffalo............

Part of my Seven Years War in India collection - the infantry in the centre are part finished

Elements of my early war WW2 Belgian unit and armour

Elements of my early war, WW2 British, and armour.

Elements of my early war French and some of their armour.

Elements of my Russian kit, I can war-game from 1941 to 1945 on the eastern front.

My Stuka, scale 1/100 - a bargain at Antics a couple of years ago

My secret wargaming friend has a collection of 15mm World War 2 German kit to die for - although it is now rarely seen, he has recently moved into 28mm because his eye sight is failing him, and 28mm is better able to stand up to the occasional dropping of his hearing trumpet on the war-games table..........I will see if I can get some photos of it on the site this year.

Elements of my Royal Naval landing party, I have enough to make a weak Rapid Fire battalion.

Elements of my WW2 Indian troops

Elements of my US Marines and support

Elements of my Imperial Japanese collection

Elements of my German infantry - to be rebased, they will be used in Norway, through to the Med. I know the uniforms do not fit all theatres - but I can put up with that, after all, it is me wargaming with them!

Elements of my Italian collection - I have some other troops to paint up, but these guys will also be used on the Russian front - sorry to you purists....

I have a Japanese SNLF to paint, more Italian troops, a complete Russian WW2 cavalry Regt, SYW Indian infantry, along with some naval models - so I will be disciplined, and stay away from the ACW stuff, for now.........


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