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Computer Wargames - welcome to 21st Century?

I used a couple of my simulations to make this mini this the future of wargaming?

I say this because you can already link computers together easily (despite the protestations of technophobes) over wireless networks for multiplayer, the fog of war is already there, and certain simulations are technically dumbned down versions of military training packages. All you would need is a campaign map to fight over, and the right simulations.

It would be cheaper in the long run?

I think you could run a realisitic multiplayer wargame using simulations, heck, you could even do it by PBEM and show the players footage for strategic/tactical decisions, but I suppose the real question is what do you want from your hobby?.....................skillful model making, excellent painting, the social spect, the aesethetics - these cannot be replaced by computers.

I would miss the feeling of destroying the newly painted unit that my secret wargaming friend brings to the table, only to be k…

My New Year collection review Part 2

I enjoy naval wargaming, particularly if linked to a wider campaign, here are some samples of my fleet....... My 1:3000th Mighty HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales Elements of my WW2 Royal Navy Elements of my World War 2 - Italian navy Elements of my WW2 - Kriegsmarine, Bismarck in the centre. Elements of my Imperial Japanese navy Elements of my United States Navy Elements of my World War One Grand Fleet Elements of my World War One High Seas Fleet.

I have a number of Tumbling Dice aircraft to paint - so I still do not need more stuff!

A New Year review of my collection Part 1

I have been thinking of whether or not I should start moving into 15mm ACW. However, before I did, I decided to review my wargames collection. I was surprised by how much stuff I had, and when I add this to the collection of 15mm stuff my Secret Wargaming friend has, it soon put me back on the strait and narrow.......... General Custer leads a company of his famous 7th cavalry on the hunt for an Indian village On sighting the village, the company is ordered to dismount and form a skirmish line The Indian village, just women and children and no braves, where could they be? The braves are off hunting buffalo............ Part of my Seven Years War in India collection - the infantry in the centre are part finished Elements of my early war WW2 Belgian unit and armour Elements of my early war, WW2 British, and armour. Elements of my early war French and some of their armour. Elements of my Russian kit, I can war-game from 1941 to 1945 on the eastern front. My Stuka, scale 1/100 - a bargain at Antics …