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Norway 1940 - a mini campaign

I am playing a mini campaign, designed to test out some miniatures rules, and help identify the best way to use the free campaign management software called Berthier for a future WW2 campaign.

So me and a secret wargaming friend are doing battle in Norway.

The turns are hourly, and hidden map movement is managed by the software. I am tweaking the sighting rules and figuring best how to deal with aircraft. I have not considered supply, that will be for another day.

All military elements are represented, troops, aircraft, ships and subs.

The purpose of the game is to test out how best to use the campaign management system.

In essence, the Allied player has a number of army formations (French and Polish troops) ashore near Narvik. A German unit (Mountain troops) has been forced out of the town into nearby hills.

There are also Norwegian troops in the vicinity.

The Allied player (me) has to land another Battalion at Narvik in an effort to decisively defeat the Axis mountain troops. The alli…

AWI campaign - The battle of Surridge Farm

The AWI campaign is still going strong, and a key battle happened on Tuesday evening. Howe caught Washington in open field for the first time, something Howe has been trying to achieve since the first engagements The battlefield. The British will set up on the end of the table closest to the camera Washington found himself a few days to the north of Philadelphia, and only had time to build one redoubt. He put his two batteries of guns in this defensive position, and contemplated his plan. Howe had approaching 8,000 troops, a mixed bag of British and Hessian regiments. He had a brigade of guards and grenadiers - which would play a key role in the events which followed. Washington was keen to give Howe another bloody nose, similar to that dished out in the previous battle at Cormacks Creek, and determined he would fight. His troops, including a brigade under General LaFayette, formed line, and waited for the British approach. Washington rallies his troops as the British form up General Howe a…

Escape to La Barquette

Sunday night saw a 28mm World War 2 skirmish game at a secret wargamers friends wargame workshop, the scenario was based on actual events during the second day of the D-Day landings.

My briefing reported:

You are in command of a Fallschirmjager Platoon (of 1st Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Fallshirmjager Regiment):

"On June 7th 1944 the Ist Battalion was given orders to withdraw south from around Vierville towards Carentan. The Battalion was slow to react to this order and consequently the way was blocked by elements of the 501st and 506th Parachute Regiments of the 101st Airborne Division.

The scenario represents this attempted break out. The Allies will represent a patrol from 3rd Battalion 506th PIR.

In reality only some 25 men (out of 500) of the 1st Battalion were able to escape, the rest being killed or captured by the Americans. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the 6th FJR went on a few days later to defend Carentan, earning the title of the 'Lions of Carentan' for their dog…


It may add to the ambience of my tale if you watch the YouTube videos as you encounter them in this blog.
Saturday 15th September so my first all day wargame for some considerable time.

As the title, and YouTube video allude to, I was fighting the Zulu.
The table prior to play
I was suspicious about this grassy area, and rightly so as it turned out.
This rock area would also feature
My briefing was concise and to the point, a sharp, hurty, spear type point
A slightly blurred, posed photgraph (recently restored) of Major Spalding, prior to his expedition.
The front of the column, entering the table. There was a distinct aroma of bacon, sausage and egg in the games room at this point. It wouldn't do to fight on an empty stomach would it?
The view down the table, seems awfully long from a 28mm point of view.....
View from the left flank section
More of Spaldings little command enter the table. No sign of the Zulu. It would not last long, my opponent was wiping the last stains of egg …