A delayed after action report - Allied advance to Germany

This wargame was put on by my secret wargaming friend back in October, but due to technical issues, is only recently available.

The battle was 15mm World War 2 -Rapid Fire (my favourite rules for World War II), and a thoroughly good time was had by all.

An American reinforced recon unit was tasked with punching through limited German opposition and seizing some vital geographical points, such as the cross roads above and the road further in the distance.

The view from German lines.

My friend had been generous with my resources, which made me feel uncomfortable.........

Is it me, or did Stan and Hilda Ogden live in the house third on the left?

I decided to surprise my good buddy, and kept a strong reserve off table, and raced up the road with light units in an effort to force his hand and show what units the Germans were to field.

A quick, but powerful advance force race past the cross roads, and not a peep from the German defenders - the nervous feeling began to grow stronger. (what was he up too?)

The German advanced guard

Oh good, they have brought an armoured Panzer Grenadier Regiment with them

A quick fire exchange of rounds quickly showed the German superiority in kit, and forced the Americans back to the bend, hoping close combat would even the odds somewhat

I deployed some reserves in an attempt to secure a damaged building on hill to anchor my left flank. It was clear I had run into a major German counter attack, and my recon thrust was now becoming a hasty defence scenario. Would my boys hold then off?

This building became the focus of some vicious hand to hand fighting, seeing the destruction of two American infantry companies.............

More American infantry arrives and is immediately thrown into the line to anchor the American left on this church. Meanwhile the full German strength was becoming all too evident.....

I love Tiger tanks........when I play the Germans

A company of Shermans attempt to hold back some German panzers, supported by armoured infantry, on the American right flank - where is the bloody much vaunted Allied air power? The red marker indicates heavy damage.

The pressure is building

The assault on my left flank builds with some ferocious fighting.

Vicious fighting in the wrecked factory. The German assault was fearsome, and could not be stopped despite the best efforts of the gallant American defenders.

More Panzer Grenadiers approach the desperate battle.

German reserves shelter from potential air attack - note the AA unit.

As the evening came to an end, the American position was precarious to say the least, my left flank position had been destroyed, and the right flank crumbling. I had a second line of defence anchored on the church, but the writing was on the wall. The Americans suffered 300 casualties, and lost 20 armoured vehicles. The Germans lost about 120 men and five tanks.

A good scenario, and good evening.


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