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Modern Micro Armour

This is an area in which I have always held an interest, it is just that I doubted any rules could make a playable game, particularly modern naval. However, after a couple of years of reading on the Internet, I decided to invest in two rules sets:

A. Modern Spearhead for land battles
B. Shipwreck for naval battles

I have been slowly building up my collection of miniatures, and have yet to play a battle using either set of rules, but with a bit of luck, I could have my first game around Christmas time.

A Soviet Recce company, preceding a tank company escorted by AA elements

A Mig 29 providing air cover to the advancing group

A T72 tank company, and Engineer company with mine and bridging equipment race toward a river

American F16's tear toward the bridging unit

Soviet Mig 29's attempt to intercept the F16's before they reach the Russiam bridging equipment

Unpainted Soviet hardware

I have American stuff too

Meanwhile, the battle of the Atlantic rages - a US Los Angeles sub leaving harb…