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American Revolution - is the navy important?


The AWI campaign is back - Appetiser


Can you war-game using computer games?


Can you fight a war-games campaign using WW2 computer simulations?

The AWI campaign is paused for the month of October. My secret wargaming friend has gone to a traditional October Sauerkraut festival in Germany, followed by a two week trip to a Village People tribute band concert, in full 'motorcycle cop garb' and will be unavailable until early November. One of those is a lie, I will let you make up your mind which...................
Other than a battle connected with the campaign, it is likely that the month will be quiet on the table top front. So I cast my eye around for something in the late autumn into winter evenings to keep me occupied.......................
How about fighting a world war two mini campaign, using Berthier and the ability of the program to automatically move units (Plans)? - trouble is, solo table top games are OK, but I would prefer a regular opponent.
I considered the war-games I had available:
1. Berthier - the strategic map movement 2. Combat Mission Barbarrossa - Land Combat (also have Combat Mission Afrika Korps, and…