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The Battle of Long Island

Interesting 9 minute video - covering the battle and tactics, including a flank march and spies.

AWI campaign

The campaign is still going strong, but because the various players read the blog, I have been unable to update on events, lest I leak information.

I was motivated a while ago when I read a blog entry on a war gamers blog. I have included a link to this campaign summary if you are interested. It might even motivate you to try your own campaign!

Anyway, as my secret wargaming friend says - to annoy me "unleash the dogs of war"


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The reality of Seven Years War battles

I found this on You Tube, but cannot add it directly to the blog.

I would urge the players of the campaign to watch it - it gives a flavour of the period, and may assist in understanding the tactics.

Click here for you tube video

It was made in 1975!

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Campaign newspaper

Here is the next campaign newspaper - it is some issues behind the current paper, but I am staging the release of the content

Campaign newspaper

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Jacobite Rebellion - A future campaign?

I have one or two Jacobite figures..............................................

AWI Campaign - Umpires observations

A group of five of us are currently on turn 13 of an American War of Independence campaign. It is run using the free windows war-games campaign management software called Berthier.

This programme has cut out an awful lot of book keeping on my behalf. I recommend you give it a go.

The campaign is kept simple, with no supply (although ammunition and weather play a part on the tabletop), and campaign turns are roughly fortnightly.

Each player has played their part to a 'T', and even included some well written declarations on the first turn, setting the tone.

The naval tactical battles are fought using the computer moderated rules called - Clear For Action.

The land tactical battles are fought using the computer moderated rules called - Carnage and Glory II.

Several battles have already taken place, and due to the use of the above programmes, the fog of war is causing some real headaches for the players.

Even though the players are present at the tactical battles, due to the use of the…

AWI Campaign - Newspaper

The campaign is now at turn 13. There have been further battles, but I cannot share them at this time, because it may compromise the 'fog of war' for the campaign. All I can say is - as the umpire, I have found fascinating, and scarily realistic........
Click here for campaign newspaper for turn 6
Stay tuned folks!