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The American Revolution Part 2

The American Revolution

The Battle of Guilford Courthouse - part 2

A quick summary of my testing of the computer moderated Carnage and Glory II rules. I like them.
This was a solo battle that I played to test the rules out. I had made an admin error when entering the artillery data for both sides (too many guns), but other than that, I was really quite impressed. No doubt, the speed of the game will improve once I am comfortable with the rules.
I can still hear my secret wargaming friend say " But I miss rolling the dice "
He will be converted, oh yes he will!

The British marched in line across the battlefield toward the awaiting American Militia, their first line of defence. How long would their line hold?

The Scots and Hessians advance on the right flank
I moved the British across the table in linear formation. A broad assault. I did send the Jaegers to scout for a gap in the American defence on the left flank. The ran smack bang into some American light infantry and an exchange of fire took place.
After several exchanges of fire, the American l…