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The hunt for Big Bertha

Before I re-post this, it was taken down after a complaint was received that I had infringed copyright. Copy of email:

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The Battle of Guilford Courthouse - part 1

I took this Battle from a set of wargames rules I have for Age of Reason warfare. Strangely the rules are called " Age of Reason " - click here for ruleset website
The battle took place at around noon on 15th March 1781 and was a pre-cursor to the British surrender at Yorktown later that same year.
I chose the battle because it is eminently playable as a solo battle (my secret wargaming friend was unavailable to fight this one).
I used a set of computer moderated rules called " Carnage and Glory II " - click here for the website (perhaps that is why he was unavailable?).
Me and my secret wargaming friend seem to have endless debates about the use of computer moderated rules for wargaming, I see that they have a use for certain games, for example a large battle, and certainly for naval wargames where you would have to role numerous dice for aiming, hits, penetration of armour and damage.
My secret wargaming friend (when in a good mood) will concede these points, but al…

More battles to report

Two new after action reports are on their way:
1 - A 15mm AWI game based on the Battle of Guilford Courthouse 1781
2 - Another WW1 skirmish in 28mm

Stayed tuned

World War One - on the western front

My secret wargaming friend put on a visual wargaming feast in 28mm the other day.
A World War One skirmish.

The game was run using the Two Fat Lardies rules called Through the mud and the blood, it was an absolute blast.

I played the Allies - and I had both British and French troops under my command.

My secret wargaming friend played the Germans - he likes sausages.

Speaking of such, the day was kicked off with a fresh bacon, sausage and egg sandwich followed by lashings of hot tea - could the day get any better you may ask?

"Why yes, yes it did..............."

The British platoon.
The scenario was based on the early part of 1914 and two groups of foraging parties met whilst out foraging. The winner would be decided by how many supplies you managed to obtain during the encounter.
Part of the German foraging party - clearly intent on seizing as many garlic sausages as they can find....

They too had machine guns......................

An overview of the battlefield - my friend has scratc…