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A delayed after action report - Allied advance to Germany

This wargame was put on by my secret wargaming friend back in October, but due to technical issues, is only recently available.

The battle was 15mm World War 2 -Rapid Fire (my favourite rules for World War II), and a thoroughly good time was had by all. An American reinforced recon unit was tasked with punching through limited German opposition and seizing some vital geographical points, such as the cross roads above and the road further in the distance. The view from German lines.

My friend had been generous with my resources, which made me feel uncomfortable......... Is it me, or did Stan and Hilda Ogden live in the house third on the left?I decided to surprise my good buddy, and kept a strong reserve off table, and raced up the road with light units in an effort to force his hand and show what units the Germans were to field.

A quick, but powerful advance force race past the cross roads, and not a peep from the German defenders - the nervous feeling began to grow stronger. (what was he …

A Thursday Night Festive Naval wargame

A secret wargaming friend came over tonight, on a dreary Thursday to play some Clear for Action Age of Sail wargaming. He took the role of a Spanish Admiral, engaging a British squadron, somewhere in the North Atlantic.

He found himself in command of the Mighty Santa Anna - 112 guns, and her consort, the Tigre - 74 guns, and at a slight disadvantage of being downwind of a British squadron astern of him, consisting of the 74 gun, Bangor, and the 50 gun, Serapis, both under the command of yours truly.

My wargaming fellow was practising his naval wargaming skills, prior to an important campaign battle next week.

The evening got off to an embarrassing start as both Admirals managed to allow there respective commands to become fouled with there own consorts - Doh! - although, strangely, only the Spanish embarrassment was caught on camera - how fortunate...... The Santa Anna and Tigre are fouled, very early on in the game - the Spanish Admirals face was as red as his dress coat!The battle moved…

Modern Micro Armour

This is an area in which I have always held an interest, it is just that I doubted any rules could make a playable game, particularly modern naval. However, after a couple of years of reading on the Internet, I decided to invest in two rules sets:

A. Modern Spearhead for land battles
B. Shipwreck for naval battles

I have been slowly building up my collection of miniatures, and have yet to play a battle using either set of rules, but with a bit of luck, I could have my first game around Christmas time.

A Soviet Recce company, preceding a tank company escorted by AA elements

A Mig 29 providing air cover to the advancing group

A T72 tank company, and Engineer company with mine and bridging equipment race toward a river

American F16's tear toward the bridging unit

Soviet Mig 29's attempt to intercept the F16's before they reach the Russiam bridging equipment

Unpainted Soviet hardware

I have American stuff too

Meanwhile, the battle of the Atlantic rages - a US Los Angeles sub leaving harb…

American Revolution - is the navy important?


The AWI campaign is back - Appetiser


Can you war-game using computer games?


Can you fight a war-games campaign using WW2 computer simulations?

The AWI campaign is paused for the month of October. My secret wargaming friend has gone to a traditional October Sauerkraut festival in Germany, followed by a two week trip to a Village People tribute band concert, in full 'motorcycle cop garb' and will be unavailable until early November. One of those is a lie, I will let you make up your mind which...................
Other than a battle connected with the campaign, it is likely that the month will be quiet on the table top front. So I cast my eye around for something in the late autumn into winter evenings to keep me occupied.......................
How about fighting a world war two mini campaign, using Berthier and the ability of the program to automatically move units (Plans)? - trouble is, solo table top games are OK, but I would prefer a regular opponent.
I considered the war-games I had available:
1. Berthier - the strategic map movement 2. Combat Mission Barbarrossa - Land Combat (also have Combat Mission Afrika Korps, and…

The Battle of Long Island

Interesting 9 minute video - covering the battle and tactics, including a flank march and spies.

AWI campaign

The campaign is still going strong, but because the various players read the blog, I have been unable to update on events, lest I leak information.

I was motivated a while ago when I read a blog entry on a war gamers blog. I have included a link to this campaign summary if you are interested. It might even motivate you to try your own campaign!

Anyway, as my secret wargaming friend says - to annoy me "unleash the dogs of war"


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The reality of Seven Years War battles

I found this on You Tube, but cannot add it directly to the blog.

I would urge the players of the campaign to watch it - it gives a flavour of the period, and may assist in understanding the tactics.

Click here for you tube video

It was made in 1975!

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Campaign newspaper

Here is the next campaign newspaper - it is some issues behind the current paper, but I am staging the release of the content

Campaign newspaper

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Jacobite Rebellion - A future campaign?

I have one or two Jacobite figures..............................................

AWI Campaign - Umpires observations

A group of five of us are currently on turn 13 of an American War of Independence campaign. It is run using the free windows war-games campaign management software called Berthier.

This programme has cut out an awful lot of book keeping on my behalf. I recommend you give it a go.

The campaign is kept simple, with no supply (although ammunition and weather play a part on the tabletop), and campaign turns are roughly fortnightly.

Each player has played their part to a 'T', and even included some well written declarations on the first turn, setting the tone.

The naval tactical battles are fought using the computer moderated rules called - Clear For Action.

The land tactical battles are fought using the computer moderated rules called - Carnage and Glory II.

Several battles have already taken place, and due to the use of the above programmes, the fog of war is causing some real headaches for the players.

Even though the players are present at the tactical battles, due to the use of the…

AWI Campaign - Newspaper

The campaign is now at turn 13. There have been further battles, but I cannot share them at this time, because it may compromise the 'fog of war' for the campaign. All I can say is - as the umpire, I have found fascinating, and scarily realistic........
Click here for campaign newspaper for turn 6
Stay tuned folks!

The Battle of Cormacks Creek - AWI campaign battle

A warm July Sunday evening saw a major battle to the southwest of New York between Von Knaphausen's Division, and troops led by none other than Washington himself. This is part of an ongoing AWI campaign, so I have to be vague with the wider details and background to the battle.

Suffice to say, both Von Knaphausen and Washington thought that a decisive victory to either side might decide the outcome of the campaign itself..........

The American camp and entrenchments

American forces had been watching New York from afar, unmolested by the British garrison. The Kings forces had even afforded them the courtesy of time to dig in. How gentlemanly.

The American position was to the southwest of the city, and gave the watching rebels an insight into British intentions in the north. It was only a matter of time before General Howe ran out of patience and took action.

A birds eye view of the table - looking NE

Up to this point, British …

AWI campaign - campaign newspaper

The campaign continues and is now at turn 9

Campaign newspaper for turn 5

Click the above link for newspaper

The Battle of Virginia Capes

The American Revolution - Part 3


The Battle of Yorktown

Two of my secret wargaming friends are engaged in an American War of Independence campaign. I am the umpire with the assistance of Berthier Campaign Manager.

I have to be coy with the wider details of the campaign so I do not give any information away, so I will stick to the battle.

The battle was between an American Brigade under the command of Brigadier General Sumter, and the British under the command of General Charles, Earl Cornwallis.

Charles, Earl Cornwallis pictured above (he looks strangely like one of the participants in the campaign).

Sumter found himself behind the safety of fortifications constructed over the previous 9 days. However, he had no artillery and only four battalions of militia to face the veterans of Cornwallis, who outnumbered his command by nearly two to one.

His orders were concise, " Defend Yorktown ".

Thomas Sumter pictured

The American commander, because he was defending, and in fortifications, deployed first. He chose to anchor his fortifications ar…

Osprey Publishing - Plassey 1757

Osprey Publishing - Plassey 1757

I have always had an interest in The Seven Years War, including the campaigns in India. The above book has been on my wish list for a couple of years, but seems to have been out of print. Hopefully it is available again

The American Revolution Part 2


The American Revolution


The Battle of Guilford Courthouse - part 2

A quick summary of my testing of the computer moderated Carnage and Glory II rules. I like them.
This was a solo battle that I played to test the rules out. I had made an admin error when entering the artillery data for both sides (too many guns), but other than that, I was really quite impressed. No doubt, the speed of the game will improve once I am comfortable with the rules.
I can still hear my secret wargaming friend say " But I miss rolling the dice "
He will be converted, oh yes he will!

The British marched in line across the battlefield toward the awaiting American Militia, their first line of defence. How long would their line hold?

The Scots and Hessians advance on the right flank
I moved the British across the table in linear formation. A broad assault. I did send the Jaegers to scout for a gap in the American defence on the left flank. The ran smack bang into some American light infantry and an exchange of fire took place.
After several exchanges of fire, the American l…

The hunt for Big Bertha

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