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The mini campaign - Turn 10 (12.00hrs to 16.00hrs)

The mini campaign is still ongoing.In turn 10 the British commander decided that he would withdraw his light cruisers out of the range of the Axis air power - eminently sensible in the circumstances.
However, what he did not realise was that the German player had only 12 of the JU87 available to him, and this was reduced to 11 after the attack earlier in the day. As a result the German commander had decided to husband his valuable dive bombers - and use them against more worthwhile targets. He hoped that the attack had scared the British from the Norwegian coast - it had.

The view from the Axis recon room of the Kondor squadron - you will note that they have sighted two British warships - despite the withdrawal south.

I have to say that a campaign always alters the way war-gamers play their games, the British and German players are both normally gung-ho on the table top - but both appear to be a little cautious in the campaign, perhaps, dare I say it, a campaign brings a little more rea…

Pacific Island Battle

A Sunday battle - on a damp December evening. The location, the Pacific in mid 1942. The Rules - Rapid Fire
The premis - an American Marine Regiment with supporting armour and weapons companies assaults a Japanese held island. The orders - take two hill top positions in order to allow SEABEES to build an airfield.
The American commander had never commanded troops in battle before. It was to be a baptism of fire.............
The Allied troops landed at dawn and quickly moved inland. Their intelligence was poor, a previous attempt to have a reconnaissance flight over the island failed, the plane was intercepted by Japanese fighters (this was played out using the wings of war game system and miniatures).
So, a brand spanking new commander (and war-gamer) found himself on enemy territory with no intelligence on the enemy.
The US Marines had two full strength infantry battalions, including weapons companies (with HMG, mortar, flamethrower and bazooka equipped troops). Added to their order of b…

Wings of war - Pacific

A cold and damp, early December Saturday afternoon, mixed with a bored son, allowed the excuse of a quick game of wings of war.
I played the Japanese, my son took the role of the Americans.
The premise was not complex - two patrols clash over the Pacific in world war 2..........................

Two Japanese planes on a routine patrol - somewhere in the pacific theatre - the lead pilot is Ichi Naka.

Two American wildcats - led by Mark LePoitier

Aerial view of the two wildcats

Aerial view of the two A6M2 Reisen
The two patrols have met mid way through their flight plan and a desperate dog-fight ensues. Both flights are at high altitude and the Japanese go full throttle straight to the American fighters. To the utter amazement of Ichi Naka and his colleague, the American planes dived to a lower altitude, evading the machine gun bullets.
The Americans dive to a lower altitude - preventing the devastating initial Japanese attack

Neither aircraft could fire on the other due to the rapid loss in he…

I am still around

I will be updating the blog...... real life took over from wargaming for a bit. But I'll be back very shortly.