The Battle for Middle Earth

The Secret Wargamers Secret Wargaming friend had a battle on Sunday with another secret wargaming friend. He was kind enough to let me put some pictures of the scenario on the blog................what a nice chap he is.

The fate of Middle Earth was at stake Sunday night

The Secret Wargamers Secret Wargaming friend (photo taken just after the battle - he lost)

The Secret Wargamers secret wargaming friends - friend

The Forces of Good defend the ruins

Boromir leading from the front

Close quarters battle - the Forces of Good under pressure

" They've brought a cave troll ! " (or two) - I have to say the one on the right has an uncanny resemblance to my secret wargaming friend.....

A wide view of the battlefield

After the battle, the Secret Wargamers Secret Wargaming friend sadly reported:

"A small forgotten garrison of Minas Tirith guard the borders of North Ithilien against ever increasing attacks from the forces of Darkness.

Warriors of Minas Tirith led by Boromir and supported by a company of Rangers of Gondor hold the ruins that they call home.

Uruk-hai supported by numerous Trolls assault the defenders from all sides.

A fierce bloody battle ensues with heavy casualties taken on both sides.

Boromir shows true courage and leads his men to a close victory."

As they say in Falmouth (shortly after the docks burnt down)................


Viva Fuerzas de La de los Buenos "


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