Mini Campaign

This mini campaign commences in May 1941 – the Axis player has two options to win the game:

  • Successfully have the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen break out into the Atlantic, and/or
  • Capture Iceland

The management of the game will be undertaken using the free Berthier Campaign Manager system

The Theatre of Operations for the campaign

This is a hypothetical campaign played by two players – with an umpire, so please do not bash me about the head for incorrect orders of battle. The British player is unaware of the Axis victory conditions, and must deploy his forces to cover all potential possibilities.

The British player does start with one piece of vital intelligence – an aerial recon photograph of two ships taken in the Kattegat 8hrs ago:

The British player is expected to make his own assessment of the above photograph

More to follow……………..


  1. Eddie Bancroft26 July 2010 at 23:57

    I know this is a hypothetical campaign, but it is staged in May 1941, however if you look closely at the lead ship, on the port bridge wing, I swear the junior officer is wearing summer uniform which would only be worn by the Kreigsmarine AFTER JUNE 1941, A WHOLE MONTH OUT!

  2. Thank you for pointing it out ED!!!!!!!!!!!!! (now everyone is going to notice!)

  3. Eddie Bancroft28 July 2010 at 16:33

    Its Eddie, not ED!

  4. I am single and I long to meet a wargamer, I think the hobby is sooo cute. I always go to the conventions with my two sisters (we are very close and cannot be separated)to try and meet a nice guy, but no luck so far - we are all blonde, about 5'2" slim and have been told we are attractive. It is very difficult to meet someone when you run a chain of pubs that specialise in Indian meals and real ale, perhaps me and you could meet up Eddie? x

  5. Holly, nice to meet you, but this is not a dating site, it is a war-games site for very dull wargamers. Can I suggest that you pop down to a local war-games club - I am sure you and your sisters would be very welcome. JTS

  6. Eddie Bancroft28 July 2010 at 16:46

    Hi Holly, ignore Jonny - he is just being protective about his navy stuff. I would love to meet up, but I am in the middle of painting some Scots Dragoon Guards and the tartan is taking ages to do (it is 1/300th scale). Can I post here next week?


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