Mini Campaign
This campaign is a test run for a more complex one to be run in the Autumn. Please understand that the order of battle and the like has not been researched, but put together to test various methods of managing the campaign – it is to be enjoyed at face value and not taken as a historic recreation of potential events.

British Order of Battle
Home Fleet
HMS King George V – Flag
HMS Prince of Wales
HMS Nelson
HMS Revenge
HMS Hood
HMS Repulse
HMS Victorious (800 and 825 squadrons)
HMS Norfolk
HMS Suffolk
HMS Exeter
HMS Kenya
HMS Arethusa
HMS Cairo
HMS Neptune
Destroyers - HMS Achates, Antelope, Anthony, Echo, Cossack, Sikh, Maori, Zulu
2 x attached Air Recon squadrons

Scapa Flow - May 1941. You can see HMS King George V and HMS Victorious (being overflown by Fairey Swordfish) amongst other vessels.

1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry
Naval Garrison
No 90 Squadron Royal Air-Force (9 Bristol Blenheim IV’s)

Fleet Air Arm photograph of the Reykjavik area (Circa 1937)(Actually its from Google Earth, but use your imagination).

Additionally, the British player may call upon other units of the fleet, for example Force H and convoy escorts.

German Order of Battle
Prinz Eugen
Admiral Scheer
Destroyers - Bruno Heinemann, Hermann Schoemann, Theodor Riedel, Paul Jacobi
Altmarck (supply vessel and capable of carrying a company of tanks)
I/St.G.1 – 18 JU87 aircraft
1./106 – 9 He111 aircraft
1st Battalion, 1st Regiment Fallschirmjäger Division
10./Flak Regiment 33
3rd Battalion Gebirgsjäger
Panzer company (15 x MkIV) from Panzer Abteilung zur besonderer Vervendung 40

Each Campaign turn is the equivalent of four hours game time. The following rules will be used:
1. Rapid Fire for land combat
2. Battleships Zenith (computer moderated) for naval and air combat

Turn 1 commenced at midnight on 19th May 1941 and we are now at 4am on 20th May 1941 (Turn 8). So far other than the recon sighting indicated in the previous introductory post, things have been quiet, this is about to change…………………………………….


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