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Mini Campaign
This campaign is a test run for a more complex one to be run in the Autumn. Please understand that the order of battle and the like has not been researched, but put together to test various methods of managing the campaign – it is to be enjoyed at face value and not taken as a historic recreation of potential events.

British Order of Battle
Home Fleet
HMS King George V – Flag
HMS Prince of Wales
HMS Nelson
HMS Revenge
HMS Hood
HMS Repulse
HMS Victorious (800 and 825 squadrons)
HMS Norfolk
HMS Suffolk
HMS Exeter
HMS Kenya
HMS Arethusa
HMS Cairo
HMS Neptune
Destroyers - HMS Achates, Antelope, Anthony, Echo, Cossack, Sikh, Maori, Zulu
2 x attached Air Recon squadrons
Scapa Flow - May 1941. You can see HMS King George V and HMS Victorious (being overflown by Fairey Swordfish) amongst other vessels.

1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry
Naval Garrison
No 90 Squadron Royal Air-Force (9 Bristol Blenheim IV’s)

Fleet Air Arm photograph of the Reykjavik area (Circa 1937)(Actually its from Google Ear…

Mini Campaign

This mini campaign commences in May 1941 – the Axis player has two options to win the game: Successfully have the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen break out into the Atlantic, and/orCapture IcelandThe management of the game will be undertaken using the free Berthier Campaign Manager system

The Theatre of Operations for the campaign
This is a hypothetical campaign played by two players – with an umpire, so please do not bash me about the head for incorrect orders of battle. The British player is unaware of the Axis victory conditions, and must deploy his forces to cover all potential possibilities.

The British player does start with one piece of vital intelligence – an aerial recon photograph of two ships taken in the Kattegat 8hrs ago:

The British player is expected to make his own assessment of the above photograph
More to follow……………..

Eastern Front game - April 2010

This game was won by my opponent, and was a great game to play, World War II is an old friend. The music and photo's tell the story I think..........................