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Age of sail

I love naval wargaming, but I do not like the complexities of simulating the same on tabletop.

I have, over the years tried all sorts of rules with dice, and none have struck the right balance (in my view) of accuracy and game speed. So this is one area I bow to computer moderated rules, and I think they are spot on. I use Malcolm SMALLEY'S " Close for Action ".

A simple yet brilliant set of computer moderated rules (MSDOS) - which enables you to do anything that can be done in the age of sail. For example, move crew to different tasks around the ship, assemble boarders, launch boats, weigh anchor - assign guards and prize crews - they are not available any more - but if you are interested, try emailing Rod Langton from Langton miniatures (who incidentally provides excellent models).

If you have not tried the period - I strongly suggest you give it a go - one of my wargaming buddies is not big on ships - but he loves Age of sail.

I am running a hypothetical mini campaign...…

Pre Christmas on the Russian front

There has been a bit of a delay between posts, this is due to the festive period, and the obligatory family duties, although, I did manage to squeeze in a quick Eastern front 1942 encounter with a wargaming fellow.

The situation involved a Panzer Division's leading elements trying to force a river crossing at a still standing bridge.

The rules used where Rapid Fire.

I commanded the Russian Forces and my good friend, as always, commanded the German forces. We used to battle on a very regular basis with these units, models and rules - in fact when we first started wargaming some years ago these were the only figures and models we had, except for some World War One minifigs and Skytrex World War One naval ships.

Personally, World War II is still my favourite, even though we have branched out into other era's.

An overview of the area of battle. The bottom of the picture is East, and the top, West. The Russian forces are on the Eastern side of the river.

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