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The battle of Spring Farm 1781

This an excellent battle to refight, but only if your opponent is not familiar with it. My friend was not familiar with it and he played it very much along the lines of Lafayette (including being suspicious). The British forces are far larger than the briefing indicates, particularly on the American left flank. Initially the forces on the table are small, and this allows a skirmish type feel to the game, until the American main force arrives to be surprised by the British forces hiding in the woods waiting for the American advance. Our battle very much shadowed the actual events of the real action.The pictures I took did not come out too well, a bit fuzzy, hence the video report.Click here for details of battle

Wednesday Evening Wargame

The thing I like about wargaming is that it appeals to a wide section of people, you have your die hard "I am sorry but those epaulets did not appear on that uniform until a week later " through to your " Lets see what would have happened if the British used Sherman Fireflys at the battle of Cambrai 1916 ".

I do not have a million pounds to spend, so I have to use my camo green British cruiser tanks to fight my desert coloured Italians in 1941, and those same Italians may turn up in Stalingrad a week later.

So I guess what I am saying is my blog is grass roots wargaming, and as such, I took the following photographs using my mobile phone and make no apologies about the odd dining room chair featuring in the background. Either way, we rediscovered an old flame on Wednesday........Colonial Wargaming, and the excellent rules that capture the flavour of the period - Science versus Pluck

The Oasis

Anyway I had to get to an Oasis to help secure water for the intended advance…