Empire Total War

This is another of my ongoing exploits. I am playing the British, and I have not had the game very long, but I do recommend it. I have an interest in the Seven Years War, so perhaps I am a little biased.

Anyway, it is now 1715 and I feel that I am making many errors, in particular I am beginning to feel that I should start to formulate long term strategy and policy, I feel a little haphazard - trade or arms for example, investment then expansion? Army or navy - oh, the agony of choice.....

I have a foothold in North Africa, and in America, I have not reached India, yet. To be honest my conflicts with the locals in North America and North Africa, as well as the issues with piracy have made me take the eye of the ball. The French, Spanish and others seem distant..... then the French and Swedes launch what appears to be a co-ordinated attack on my navy, across the globe!

Two separate squadrons with famous and successful Admirals (albeit only against pirates and the Barbary States) are attacked and destroyed by vastly superior (in numbers) enemy formations, the Admirals going down with their ships.
This major naval offensive by the French and Swedes has focused my mind. Afterall, we are an island nation, therefore, we will prioritise the Royal Navy...............................

A French Squadron approaches
A French Brig explodes after broadside


  1. I think I may come by and check this every so often :-)


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