And the bit about model soldiers....................

I was due to link up with a mate this evening to wargame a desert 1941 scenario, but he had to call it off at the last moment, to our disappointment - although I do feel he was just trying to avoid another inevitable defeat!

I was going to link in a quick Wings of War, World War 2 battle to help decide who (if any) would have air superiority, and subsequently air support, over the table.....

RAF and Luftwaffe models

Never mind, there is always next week.
I have another mate who is big on world war one naval, and invested in the Navwar Jutland Pack - and he has finished painting them all, perhaps we could look at getting some of those models (dusted off) and on the table? I will keep you posted on that one


  1. What figures are you using for the desert battles. I have been always attracted to Peter Pig. For me they are nicely detailed and come in various poses. Do you ever game the American War of Independence? I've looked at it andthought itwould be fun however all I can find is rules that involve the computer which I don't know if I would like. Do you have any views? Anyway keep up the good work and keep the pictures coming.

  2. Try looking at Evesham Wargames Club posted as a blog. It has some interesting pictures that you may like.

  3. I have now added the link to the Evesham wargamers blog. If you look at the link to Steve the Wargamer blog it has an intersting read on an AWI campaign.

    I will put some pics of an AWI game that I will put on soon - I use the Great Captains moderated computer rules....they do a great job of managing battles and I find, as do the other users they provide a better feel for Generalshp than some of the old fashioned dice rules, however, each to their own because I like Science versus Pluck and Rapid fire dice rules. Thanks for the post


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