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Wargames support software

Just for a matter of interest I have used the following software for managing campaigns, or for computer moderated battles:

Berthier Campaign Manager - for managing campaigns (title gives it away)
The Great Captains - AWI/ECW
Battleships Zenith - WW2 naval
Dreadnoughts Rising - WW1 naval
Close For Action - Age of Sail (no longer available)

I would also like to assure readers that I do actually wargame with miniatures, the previous posts are just to tide me over until the next wargame.

There is a Christmas mini World War 2 Pacific campaign on the drawing board.......

A modern mini campaign

Click to play Campaign News BulletinDue to the lack of table top action recently, I have commenced a mini campaign using two computer games to resolve the battles - Sonalysts Fleet Command and Combat Mission Shock Force (click on the names and a link will take you to details).

The campaign revolves around a fictional country of Utopia, which is sandwiched between Somalia and Kenya on the East African coast.

The premise being that Utopia was subject to civil war in the early 1980's and as a result split into the communist North, and the democratic South. The United Kingdom has had long standing ties with the country, and in the late 1960's signed a defence pact with the Utopian Government.

The pact was updated in 1985 when the country split, and the United Kingdom has committed itself to the protection of South Utopia. In the meantime, North Utopia has forged links with North Korea and China (amongst others) and in a recent change of leadership has committed itself to the long ter…

And the bit about model soldiers....................

I was due to link up with a mate this evening to wargame a desert 1941 scenario, but he had to call it off at the last moment, to our disappointment - although I do feel he was just trying to avoid another inevitable defeat!

I was going to link in a quick Wings of War, World War 2 battle to help decide who (if any) would have air superiority, and subsequently air support, over the table.....

RAF and Luftwaffe models

Never mind, there is always next week. I have another mate who is big on world war one naval, and invested in the Navwar Jutland Pack - and he has finished painting them all, perhaps we could look at getting some of those models (dusted off) and on the table? I will keep you posted on that one

Empire Total War

This is another of my ongoing exploits. I am playing the British, and I have not had the game very long, but I do recommend it. I have an interest in the Seven Years War, so perhaps I am a little biased.

Anyway, it is now 1715 and I feel that I am making many errors, in particular I am beginning to feel that I should start to formulate long term strategy and policy, I feel a little haphazard - trade or arms for example, investment then expansion? Army or navy - oh, the agony of choice.....
I have a foothold in North Africa, and in America, I have not reached India, yet. To be honest my conflicts with the locals in North America and North Africa, as well as the issues with piracy have made me take the eye of the ball. The French, Spanish and others seem distant..... then the French and Swedes launch what appears to be a co-ordinated attack on my navy, across the globe!
Two separate squadrons with famous and successful Admirals (albeit only against pirates and the Barbary States) are attac…

Silent Hunter IV Campaign

8th to 10th December 1941

The chart table
A couple of nights ago I started my first Silent Hunter IV campaign. My boat is S18 and is based in the naval dockyard near Manila. My orders, which arrived on the 8 December 1941 ordered me to a patrol area to the north of Luzon.
The transit north was uneventful apart from 3 air attacks by unidentified aircraft. S18 suffered no damage, or causalities. In the following 24hrs S18 received several sighting reports of convoys, all too far away. Then came the convoy to the north of Luzon, and only 90 miles away.
Full speed ahead...........

Navigator plotting a course to intercept
A surface dash was made during the hours of darkness and S18 closed in on the last position of the convoy. Then the lookouts on the bridge shout " warship, long range, bearing 358 " followed by another and another...........
"Release the dogs of war " as a good friend says at the war games table (usually followed by two snake eyes)(Yes I know it was never s…