Allied Build up Newsreel - WW2Campaign

Allied Newsreel covering the build up in Britain:

American newsreel

A short speech by FDR with some period music:

German Newsreel - Campaign day -1

Berlin has released the following Newsreel for viewers:

Stalin speech - Moscow

The Soviet Press Department have just released this Newsreel of Stalin’s latest speech in Moscow.

Campaign Newsreel Day -1

A short delay in commencing the campaign due to finalising the Allied Order of Battle. But there is a short Public Information Broadcast below:

Actions Stations - WW2 coastal battle

In preparation for the WW2 Normandy esq campaign, we tested some rules I bought years ago, but never played. Action Stations by David Manley. I have to say, we really enjoyed them.

I have some 1/600th Naval vessels from Skytrex (now with Heroics and Ros) to test them out. All the vessels used are currently going through a dockyard refit programme - so bear with me!!

HMS Bangor.
HMS Bangor, a mine-sweeper was conducting a night-time Patrol in company with a Fairmile MGB, and an MTB somewhere in the English Channel early 1944.

Fairmile MGB using a search light
They encountered a group of four S boats midway through the night. What followed was the naval equivalent of a knife fight in a bar, in the pitch black.

S boat
Both sides closed rapidly. Each turn in the rules is the equivalent of 20 seconds. We fought for two minutes game time.
This was our first time, and I have no doubt that we will be quicker next game. They are easy to pick up, but we did scratch our heads over the torpedo rules for …