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Dead Mans Gulch - the game

On Friday my Secret Wargaming friend hosted a fun game set in the Wild West. Mexicans faced off against Apaches, Scalp Hunters hunted scalps and yours truly fought valiantly to keep the peace with some lawmen.

Dead mans gulch. A ghost town which local legend had,  contained hidden gold.

Some of my Posse. Big John Wayne, Dean Martin, Blondie and a US Marshall called Rooster. A group of heroes if ever I saw one, and a group befitting their Wargamer.

The Mexicans. These were a mean group of men. Set on one thing. Loot. I will not speak harshly of their commander.....he brought some beer with him, and he therefore, can do no wrong.

The Apaches. A swift and aggressive warband. Seemingly intent on killing all others who visited the town. Mean and deadly. Quite similar to their commander, apart from the fact that he is neither mean, nor deadly. He just likes to dress as a Native American........but that’s a different story.

The Scalphunters. There were intent on grabbing as many enemy scalps as t…

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